Chauffeur CE tankcontainers/ silo-bulk

For a family company specialised in bulk and tank transport, we are looking for a motivated CE driver.
ADR class 2 tank
Day shift Stay out/ sleep out
12 - 15h/day

Job description

You will be an all-round driver for both bulk and tank containers (intermodal).

You must also be prepared to stay 4 nights (if there is not enough work in A'pen, they will drive to Lanaken).

Leave Monday morning, return home Friday. ADR tank (major ADR) - knowledge of Belgian road network - knowledge of Antwerp harbour is a plus.

All driving and resting times are legally respected. Long journeys of 2.5 to 3 hours between loading and unloading places.

Truck at home if there is a safe place to park it. Only in Lanaken for maintenance or repairs.

Weekly exterior cleaning at company expense. Great importance is attached to correct administration!


Driving Licence: CE
Certificate of Qualification ADR tank


Salary: 650 - 750 per week
Availability time: 99%
Truck home: Yes
Chauffeur CE tankcontainers/ silo-bulk
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