Chauffeur CE

Are you the versatile driver employable on different trips, patient and is physical work not a problem?

Then this is the job for you!

ADR class 1 packages
Day shift
12 - 15h/day

Job description

As a versatile driver for this company you will be driving different combinations, truck sea container chassis, bulk container and tarpaulin container.

With the bulk container (30ft) you will transport all kinds of different goods, PE pellets, beer... Sometimes these are already filled and you don't know what's inside.

You also always take a liner under the chassis. You unload at the customer and then you hang the liner in.

This is +/- 30 min work. With the tarpaulin container (45ft) or trailer on chassis you drive for Aperam.

Also here is physical work involved, you need to open the roof of the container, tir cord completely loosen this is 2x per /day.

You will be loaded. When you drive the trailer you will have to open the side. You will drive to SML to unload the steel coils.

There is a rotation to work on Saturdays, max 5 times a year.

You start +/- at 6 o'clock, average hours per day are 12 to 15 hours.

That the drivers get along well is very important for this company!

They also organize summer and winter party for them!


- Driving Licence: CE

- Certificate: ADR package


- Salary: 600 - 700 per week
- Availability: 99%
- Truck home: no
- Other benefits: Saturday 150% Sunday 200%
Chauffeur CE
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